Before The Rachel Zoe Project turned Rachel Zoe into a household name, Rachel rose to fame amongst the celebrity and fashion world through her work as a world renowned stylist, revolutionizing the styling business and inspiring an entire future generation of stylists. As Rachel’s brand and demand escalated so did her styling business. What was once a one-woman show, has grown into a fully operational styling studio under the moniker Rachel Zoe Studio. Supported by a team of highly trained assistants and interns, Rachel oversees the public image of many of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors and actresses for the red carpet as well as editorial shoots for major fashion magazines and international advertising campaigns. Her compulsion to finish each project big and small, with meticulous attention, has led to the most esteemed advertising agencies, photographers and the like to fully entrust their clients and projects with Rachel Zoe Studio.

Rachel Zoe Studio is represented by The Wall Group.